Sunday, November 19, 2017

Royalton Riviera Maya

In this job I get many opportunities to visit resorts. I feel its very important to the know the product that I sell. Its what sets us apart from beautifully staged photos. ( Have you ever seen a bad resort in photos?) That being said I have been to some horrible places and all the way in between to the amazing. This is about an over the top amazing resort.

The Royalton Riviera Maya from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart, they make you feel special. We decided to take a last minute trip to the resort in October, 2017. I paid for the Diamond Club swim out suite. The reception team immediately grabbed our bags upon arrival and escorted us to the Diamond Club lounge. I was handed a scented cool towel to freshen up with and I will tell you this, that towel smelled like heaven. Not just a little but like I had just freshened myself with the most amazing scent my senses has ever experienced. Trust me I'm not being dramatic. Once checked in we were escorted to our room and again WOW factor. Well appointed layout that was spacious and inviting. I had that warm and fuzzy feeling all over UNTIL I stepped out onto my patio. There we were dazzled by a most inviting infinity pool that screamed "Jump In". And we did. I wont bore you with all the minute details of the stay but again WOW Factor.

The resort is an easy short ride from the Cancun International Airport which was very nice. The buffet was one of the best that I have ever experienced and I was very impressed with the quality of food. Two Words. Fruit Crepes. You must try them. The two main pools are beautiful with an abundance of seating and lounging chairs and beach beds. They had great music playing but not to overpowering. Just enough to make you happy. They have a children's pool area that was so impressive. There is no way any child couldn't have a great time. Swim up bars in abundance and pool service staff that was over the top amazing. On our second morning there , after they had turned me on to cream tequila the night before I wasn't feeling very well. I went into our swim out pool and the server Jose looked at me and said you don't look like you feel well. I certainly did not. My own fault though. He held up a finger and said I have just the thing for you and 5 minutes later he arrived with a fresh coconut that he had opened and said for me to drink the water. It was a Christmas miracle. I no longer felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was ready for day 2. I was very appreciative for that extra effort.

Each and every restaurant we dined at was more amazing than the last. The Hunter Steakhouse was out of this world. The beach staff worked very hard at keeping the beach clean and perfect. The night time entertainment was a lot of fun. You could tell much thought was put into the design of the shows. I literally could write for hours about this resort but I wont bore you.

As a real critic of resorts and how they gauge , I look for a few key things. One I look at the cleanliness of the resort and the maintenance. Trust me I searched and could not find anything not clean and very well maintained. My 2nd gauge is service. The staff made me feel like I was an old friend that had come to visit their home. My drink never went dry. My final gauge is the line at the concierge or client desk. If its a long line theirs unhappy people. I never once saw a line of people that had that very distinguishable look on their face of anger.

In closing , this resort and the experience you get is worth every dollar spent. While this resort is not the cheapest its certainly not a budget breaker either. I just really like knowing that when I do get to go away for a personal trip, I am getting quality.  If your ready for your Royalton Experience let us know.
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanks & Giving

This time of year seems to always bring out the melancholy in us all. In one week many of us will be mad scrambling to bake that perfect pie, set the grandest table and scratch our heads as to why the turkeys on TV always look so spectacular. While we are doing that mad hatter frenzy we always seem to reflect on the year past and where we are today. Its as if its some kind measuring stick that we gauge our good and bad by.

Not this year! I made up my mind I will not torture myself on deeds left undone. I am going to Thank & Give.

I am thanking all of the amazing people that have become clients of Beach Monkey Travel. I am thanking my hubby for taking on so many domestic duties, so that I can service clients until the wee hours of the morning. Most important, I am thanking my higher power for this incredible adventure I am on.

Ok, you say! What about the giving? Well I am glad you asked. I'm not talking about the giving where you take care of everyone else. I am talking about the giving to yourself. Before you call me selfish , here me out. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to simply relax? Or when was the last time you accepted a failure of yourself and simply said "I will do better next time? If your anything like me you beat yourself to death for any and all imperfections. I said enough to that thinking. I accepted my mistakes and learned from them. I am choosing to give myself permission to live and be human. I talk with people every single day that simply cannot wait to escape and relax for whatever time frame their budget allows. They have chosen to give themselves the ability to just unwind.

This year do the same for yourself. Give yourself that extra piece of pumpkin pie, I promise it wont turn straight to cellulite. Give yourself the right to say I'm good at _______. But most important give yourself the right to get away and just relax and call Beach Monkey Travel to help you. Ok sorry I just had to throw that in. Thank you for reading and I will leave with some AWWW moments.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope its everything you dream of.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

What Have You Done For Yourself Today?

Well its Monday!!! Did you have a great weekend or was it filled with the same old minutia? Clean the house, run errands, wash clothes. And now your back at work.

We are not meant as humans to keep this kind of pace. I refer to it as the hamster wheel effect. Life is a gift. We are supposed to live not simply exist. I understand that we all must work to exist. But I am talking about really living your life. We are always so quick to list off all the items that we must complete but very rarely do we list ourselves as something we need to take care of. So I ask " What have you done for yourself today?

One of the best advertising campaigns I have ever seen was Maryland's Tourism commercial about what people used their vacation days for. It made me think how true it really is. Many countries have siesta time for goodness sake. Could you imagine what a little mid afternoon nap could do for you? 

There are countless studies on the positive effects traveling can do for you.
  1. It reduces stress and promotes wellness.
     2. It makes you happy

Who couldn't use a little more happiness in their life.  Make 2016 the year you take care of you. Vacations don't have to be expensive they just need to be done.